2 Neutrogena spray-on sunscreens recalled in Canada due to high benzene levels


Johnson & Johnson is recalling two types of spray-on sunscreen after testing indicated elevated levels of benzene.

The recall applies to all lots of Neutrogena Beach Defense and Ultra Sheer aerosol sunscreens for both adults and children with S-P-F 30, 45 and 60.

Health Canada says consumers should stop using these products, warning that frequent and long-term exposure to elevated levels of benzene has been linked to serious health risks including leukemia and other cancers.

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The agency says similar recalls were issued in the United States after an independent laboratory found elevated levels of benzene in several sunscreen and after-sun products.

In a news release announcing the voluntary U.S. recall last week, Johnson & Johnson says benzene is not an ingredient in any of its sunscreens, but low levels were detected in some samples of certain aerosol sunscreen finished products.

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The health giant says it’s investigating the issue.

Health Canada is urging Canadians to continue to wear sunscreen to protect themselves from sun damage. It says anyone with health concerns related to the recalled products should contact a medical professional.

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