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Edmonton journalist accused of vandalizing statue says charge an attempt to 'discredit a critic'

"I (cannot) talk about the substance of the case. But I can promise you that I will mount a vigorous defence, if it comes...

Low COVID-19 vaccine uptake in young kids concerning as viruses swirl, doctors say

COVID-19 vaccines for children under five in Canada have been available for more than three months, but so far only a small fraction of...

Edmonton weather: No tricks, the temperature is a treat

30 per cent chance of rain showers early this evening then 30 per cent chance of flurries late this evening

Intelligence briefing note warned of 'anti-authority' elements at protests against COVID measures

"Confidential" note references media reports from a February 2021 rally at the Alberta Legislature that saw multiple Edmonton police officers assaulted.

COMMENTARY: Shady, dishonest cancer scams can dupe patients and well-meaning donors

Cancer "treatment" scams and dubious marketing techniques can target both patients and those who want to help find a cure.


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