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Domperidone ‘crippled me’: Canadians reflect on withdrawal symptoms after use

While domperidone has been approved by Health Canada for treating gastrointestinal disorders since 1985, the medication is not been authorized for use in increasing lactation.

Tiny wine options find home in B.C.’s market

Multiple British Columbia wineries over the last several years have begun offering their product in smaller, single-serve cans and bottles.

Melisizwe Brothers showcase success at Edmonton schools for Black History Month

“What better way to see yourself reflected in a positive way than to see kids your age doing something so amazing,” said Maxine Hackett,...

Canada’s ‘Mighty Mouse’ treasures rare medal

She was once hailed as Canada's best athlete and Elaine Tanner has the accolades to prove it.

World Cancer Day: Canadian patients still facing delays in care. What can be done?

The Canadian Cancer Society (CSC) found that three years into the COVID-19 pandemic, access to cancer care remains inconsistent across the country.

‘Serious gaps’: Forensic nurse shortage impacting sexual assault victims, advocates say

There are growing concerns that sexual assault victims in Canada are being impacted by acute staffing shortages in nursing, forensics and the justice system.

Alberta-made Linac-MR machine combining MRI and radiation could revolutionize cancer treatments

The Linac-MR is being hailed a medical breakthrough that can do an MRI and radiation at the same time — providing the world's most...

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