Cartmell wins Ward pihêsiwin for a second term on council


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Tim Cartmell has been elected to a second term on Edmonton city council.

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The incumbent won in a two-horse race against Guiscela Perez Arellano.

As of press time, Cartmell held a sizeable lead.

Community engagement was a focal point of Cartmell’s re-election campaign. He said he wants to continue building on his success which includes caring for local parks, repairing roadways and installing a needed crosswalk in the community.

He said Edmonton’s new council will need to be quick to adjust as demands shift post-pandemic. Day-to-day life is bound to change and Cartmell isn’t sure what impacts COVID-19 will have on transit, recreation spaces or other activities, so he and council will have to be ready to problem-solve on the fly.

Heavy support for Cartmell comes four years after he won the seat by more than 4,300 votes to fill incumbent Bryan Anderson’s vacant seat.