Feeling anxious about rising inflation? Interest rates? Here’s what to do

Many Canadian are feeling more anxious and fearful when it comes to planning their finances as compared to previous years, according to financial planning experts. 

Variable? Fixed? Static? Picking the right mortgage as interest rates rise

Mortgage costs are rising as the Bank of Canada hikes interest rates. Here's what to know before you lock in a mortgage, be it...

Telus wants to add a 1.5% processing fee for credit card payments this fall

Telus is asking the CRTC if it can pass on credit card fees to customers starting this fall.

Inflation pushes budget shoppers away from Walmart. Luring them back not easy, say experts

Inflation remains at a 40-year high, devouring a large chunk of the grocery budgets of many Americans, especially Walmart's legions of cost-conscious shoppers.

Luxury goods tax on super rich could hit green cars. Here’s how

A luxury goods tax, which will come into force in three weeks, will cover cars and SUVs, as well as private planes and helicopters...

Canadian Tire faces higher-than-usual inventory levels amid ‘messy quarter’

Canadian Tire had an additional $465.6 million in merchandise inventories at the end of its most recent quarter

How to rebound from a layoff in Canadian tech: ‘Control your narrative’

Thousands of Canadian tech workers have been laid off in recent weeks. Here's what experts have to say about the next steps you should...

Steep price drops will bring ‘sanity’ back to housing market in 2023: Desjardins

Desjardins is expecting a deeper correction in Canada's housing market, now calling for a 25 per cent decline in home prices from February's peak...

CRA says it has $1.4 billion in uncashed cheques dating back to 1998

The Canada Revenue Agency says it will be sending e-notifications about uncashed cheques to 25,000 Canadians this month.

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