Edmonton weather: Snow this morning, snow tonight and snow tomorrow

Get your shovels ready. We're supposed to be getting snow, snow and more snow

Braving an icy plunge for Special Olympics Alberta

"But when you really think about it it's all about the cause and it's helping athletes. I mean I can't think of too many...

'Sharp upswing': Flu shots encouraged after early peak of Alberta cases, says U of A infectious disease specialist

"The peak was amongst the highest that we've had since 2009 and it was a really sharp upswing and then are fairly sharp drop...

Men more than women affected by key Alzheimer's risk factors: U of A sudy

“Not just five years, but 10,15, 20 years before diagnosis, there are changes in the brain that are early signals of the disease.”

'Pretty faint': Clear skies, binoculars or telescope needed to see rare green-tailed comet

"If we do find that the weather forecast changes, the sky is going to be clear, I'll be out there probably from seven till...

'Kind of remarkable': University of Alberta AI expert explains implications of ChatGPT

It's kind of remarkable you can ask it "give me the definition of superpowers" and it will give it to you and then you...

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