Dave Tippett new line combos may unleash Edmonton's most deadly shooter

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The most dangerous weapon in the NHL? Somewhere high on the list is Leon Draisaitl’s one-timer.

The Executioner Shot, I call it, for the way Draisaitl’s big-bladed stick slashes through the air towards the goalie like the scythe of the Grim Reaper.

In the last two years, Draisaitl has scored 74 goals in total, more than half of them, 39, coming by way of his Executioner’s Shot.

When he has unleashed his deadly one-timer on 111 Grade A chances, he’s scored 35 per cent of the time. On all his other 275 shots on net the past two years, he’s scored just 12.7 per cent of the time.

In the coming playoff series, finding a way to free Draisaitl to launch his lethal shot will be a priority for the Oilers, and it could well be facilitated by Draisaitl moving to a line with Ryan Nugent-Hopkins and Kailer Yamamoto.

Last season, when he played often with RNH and Yamamoto on the DYNamite Line, Draisaitl got off a Grade A one-timer at even strength every second game. This year, Draisaitl was only able to average about one Grade A shot at even strength every fourth game.

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