Edmonton police and Telus announce new buy-and-sell exchange zones across the city


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The Edmonton Police Service (EPS) along with Telus announced new buy-and-sell exchange zones across the city to help residents safely complete their online transactions.

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The additional buy and sell exchange zones will be located at police stations across the city and equipped with around-the-clock video surveillance. These exchange zones offer a safer place for buyers and sellers to meet and complete their online transactions.

“Over the past year, I’ve regularly seen members of the public using the stalls at our southwest division. I believe people are using them because of the location and the feeling of safety and security it provides,” says Supt. Tom Pallas with EPS’ southwest division in a news release Wednesday.

“We would like to recognize Telus for their partnership in this initiative and thank them for helping us bring safer options to our community when engaging in online purchases.”

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The first buy-and-sell exchange zone was launched in March 2020 at EPS southwest division. Telus provided the technology required for the successful pilot and outfitted three additional EPS divisions with two buy-and-sell exchange zone parking stalls.

“At Telus, online privacy and security are paramount, and this initiative is just another way we’re helping to keep citizens in our communities safe when their online exchanges become face-to-face interactions,” said Ibrahim Gedeon, chief technology officer at Telus, in a news release, Wednesday.

“As a technology leader, we feel it’s our duty to support our community and leverage our world-leading emerging technologies to improve the lives of Edmontonians.”

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Buy-and-sell exchange zone parking stalls have been added to northwest division, southeast division and west division police stations. The stalls are intended to deter crimes and give people a safe alternative when meeting someone for the first time to complete the purchase and exchange of items listed online.

“In 2020, EPS investigators made 20 arrests, laid 59 charges, and recovered $44,000 worth of stolen property through online buy-and-sell sites. The EPS also received 276 reports of buy-and-sell scams with a total financial loss of $35,680,” said Pallas.

Superintendent Warren Driechel with the EPS’ information technology division says EPS is very conscious of public concerns of privacy, especially when it comes to video surveillance. He says the video cameras are not being monitored at all times.

“The only time we would access these video streams would be in response to an event or incident that occurred at one of these sites, or in relation to an investigation coming from an exchange that occurred there,” says Driechel.

To learn about online classified safety go to  https://www.edmontonpolice.ca/CrimePrevention/PersonalFamilySafety/OnlineSafety/OnlineClassifiedsSafety

To learn more about online safety visit Telus Wise.