Edmonton police drug investigation leads to discovery of identity theft operation


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An Edmonton police investigation into drug trafficking lead to the discovery of an identity theft operation, resulting in two people facing more than 60 charges.

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Earlier this year, police began an investigation into a home in the area of 202 Street and 57 Avenue, allegedly connected to drug trafficking. Investigators obtained a search warrant and in April, a 32-year-old man and 41-year-old woman associated to the home were arrested.

At the time of their arrest, police located methamphetamine, a functioning Taser, stolen identity documents and various bank cards inside a vehicle.

When officers searched the home, they found more meth, digital scales, another functioning Taser, and evidence of a “sophisticated identity theft operation.” There were computers, printers, identification cards, keys to mailboxes and a significant amount of stolen documents.

The documents included 111 stolen official identity documents belonging to 89 victims, 85 stolen bank cards belonging to 57 verifiable victims, 108 stolen miscellaneous cards belonging to 38 verifiable victims, hundreds of pieces of stolen mail such as banking and CRA documents belonging to approximately 200 victims, evidence of bank accounts and cell phone contracts obtained using victims’ identities, and seven mailbox keys and three parcel box keys.

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Edmonton police note the importance of individuals keeping a close eye on their mail and contacting your financial institution if your credit card doesn’t arrive when it’s expected to. Citizens should also monitor their credit cards and be aware of any potential identity fraud.

Jamie Johnman, 41, and Raymond Credgeur, 32, are facing more than 60 charges collectively, including possession of a controlled substance for the purpose of trafficking, unauthorized possession of a prohibited weapon, forgery, trafficking of forged documents and possession of identity documents.