Edmonton to begin spring cleaning of city streets April 6; residents reminded to move vehicles off the road to avoid a tow

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A true sign of spring in Edmonton, street sweeping is set to begin April 6.

Residents are asked to move their vehicles off the road when crews are in their neighbourhoods or they may be towed for free to a nearby road in order for the work to be completed. Tickets won’t be handed out, but in cases where there are too many vehicles parked on the road, trucks will bypass the area.

Andrew Grant, the city’s general supervisor of field operations, said residents should be aware of the signs posted in their neighbourhoods for the sweeping schedule. They will also be posted online at edmonton.ca/streetsweeping. Each neighbourhood has a designated week for sweeping, but the schedule is subject to change.

“We remind Edmontonians to help do their part by removing their vehicles and providing our crews plenty of room to work,” Grant said in a Thursday morning news release. “We ask that they watch for signage in their neighbourhoods to know when crews will be on their streets. This ensures our crews are able to deliver a high level of service and clear streets quickly and efficiently.”

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The process is as non-disruptive as possible, the city said, with parks crews first sweeping boulevards and push sand and winter debris onto roads. Then road crews will sweep up debris on residential roads during the day and on high-volume roads during the night. Motorists can expect to see peace officers, flashing lights and blocked lanes on high-volume and high-speed roads.

There are also measures in place to minimize dust, but residents are reminded to close windows and walk on alternative sidewalks if street cleaning is happening as the sweepers can still create dusty conditions that reduce visibility.

Street sweeping will run 24-7 between Monday and Friday for about seven weeks.



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