'Edmowood' sign aims to bring awareness of Edmonton's scenic locations, says organizer

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Edmonton is getting the Hollywood treatment thanks to an anonymous group that’s aiming to bring more awareness to the city’s most scenic locations.

Eight roughly five-foot-high letters spelling out “Edmowood” popped up in the Highlands neighbourhood this week. This is the second time the sign has been spotted after it debuted in the Walterdale area on Sunday.

One of the organizers behind the sign, who did not wish to be named, said the goal was to bring more awareness and pride to the city’s most beautiful locations. He said the sign isn’t meant to be taken too seriously and hopes it will inspire people to venture out to places that have become forgotten.

“We live in a beautiful city and we saw this as an opportunity to highlight some amazing places within (Edmonton),” he said. “(When you) think of the famous Hollywood sign it’s an iconic visual, synonymous with pop culture and Hollywood’s stars. It originally started as a temporary advertisement but became so popular it was left there”

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The organizer said the sign is usually left up for a few hours and then taken down by the end of the day, so no one gets too upset. He said the project has been in the works for about two months but required the snow to melt before being able to put the signs up.

The group plans to continue to place the sign around scenic locations and encourages people to take photos with it and post them to social media.

The organizer said he’s pleased so far by the overall reaction.

“It’s been amazing seeing the excited reactions from so many people going out of their way to visit the locations,” he said. “We hope the sign helps them feel a sense of Edmonton pride. Local pride brings people together and helps give a sense of community. We feel that’s so important, especially with everything that’s happened over the past year. Plus, in this day and age, there’s so much negativity. This is an opportunity to open your social media feed or read/watch the news and see something positive.”


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