Epcor issues public warning after more than 200 basin covers stolen in past three weeks

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Epcor has issued a public safety warning after responding to more than 200 reports of missing catch basin covers in the past three weeks.

The missing basin covers have been reported in several neighbourhoods including Ottewell, Holyrood, Argyll, Kenilworth and Ritchie, said a news release issued by the power provider Friday.

“The removal of these covers exposes the infrastructure below so it becomes fully accessible, which creates a significant safety hazard for people, pets and wildlife,” read the release.

The public is asked not to retrieve or replace a cover if they come across one that is misplaced or dislodged. Epcor asked anyone who comes across a missing or dislodged cover to call them so a crew can respond. Anyone who witnesses someone in the act of removing a cover is asked to call Edmonton Police Services.

Epcor is sending crews to affected areas to search for any outstanding problems.

Epcor can be reached at 780-412-4500.


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