Keith Gerein: How much do you remember from another year to forget? Try our Edmonton news quiz.

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The pandemic was again, unfortunately, the star of the show when it came to news in Edmonton over the last year. But there were also plenty of other intriguing developments in municipal politics, business and city life. How much do you remember from an eventful 12 months? Take our 2021-in-review quiz to determine whether you are a news novice or a current events connoisseur.


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1. In February, the federal government proposed new legislation to give municipalities an additional power, but it was something a number of mayors, including Mayor Don Iveson, didn’t want. What was it?

a) The power to ban handguns in their municipality

b) The power to impose their own carbon taxes

c) The power to cancel statutory holidays in their regions

d) The power to set their own immigration policies

2. Mayoral candidate Mike Nickel paid for a billboard in the summer that targeted two candidates he wasn’t running against — councillors Andrew Knack and Aaron Paquette. What was his beef with them?

a) Nickel wanted revenge after they voted to sanction him for code of conduct violations

b) He didn’t like their votes to continue the city’s mask mandate


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c) He felt they would be adversaries to him on council if he was elected mayor

d) He wanted more women elected to council

3. The historic Magrath Mansion on Ada Boulevard was on the market for more than a year when it was finally sold in August. Who bought it?

a) Leon Draisaitl

b) Concordia University of Edmonton

c) Edmonton Historical Society

d) Singer Mark McGrath

4. In April, Mayor Don Iveson got into a spat with councillors Tim Cartmell and Sarah Hamilton. What was the dispute about?

a) Access to the prime spots in the City Hall parkade

b) Iveson’s decision to endorse council candidates in the civic election

c) The councillors’ decision to accept a police invitation for a tour of the Tipinawâw shelter

d) Control over the thermostat in council chambers


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5. What was Amarjeet Sohi’s slogan for his mayoral campaign?

a) An Edmonton For All of Us

b) It’s Time for a Mill Woods Mayor

c) Nice Guys Sometimes Finish First

d) Everyone has Forgotten my Liberal Past, and You Should, Too.

6. Which of the following did not make the short list as a potential name for Edmonton’s CFL team?

a) Evergolds

b) Eclipse

c) Elements

d) Envy

7. The heat wave Edmonton experienced in late June and early July led to an increase in what?

a) Ice cream sales

b) Power and water bills

c) Insects

d) All of the above

8. If Mike Nickel had a nickel for every time he lost a mayoral election, how much money would he have?

a) Five cents

b) 10 cents

c) 15 cents

d) Next to nothing, because of high taxes

9. Which of the following was among the options included in Edmonton’s “Reimagine” effort, which looked at ways to improve city finances?


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a) Implementing parking fees at some city parks

b) Fixing potholes once every two years

c) Directing the fire department to tackle only the really big fires

d) Selling city golf courses to housing developers

10. What was the nickname bestowed on Commonwealth Stadium for the Canadian men’s soccer team’s match against Mexico on Nov. 16 in -10 C weather?

a) Red, White and Frostbite

b) Estadio Iceteca

c) Chilly Bowl

d) The Popsicle Box


1. a. Iveson felt handgun policies that varied from community to community wouldn’t make much sense. “Normally, mayors are happy to have additional powers delegated to us, but clearly in this case a network approach is required,” he said.

2. b. Any of the answers could be true, but this specific billboard highlighted Paquette and Knack’s votes to keep the city’s mask policy in effect past July 1, even though the province was ending theirs.


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3. b. The final sale price for the mansion was $3.175 million, with Concordia paying $1.75 million and the remainder provided as a gift from the previous owners, the Braaksma family.

4. c. Iveson was irritated by what he termed “surprise inspections” by police and politicians that he felt undermined the safety and privacy of the shelter. The two councillors retorted that Iveson had misportrayed their intentions, and demanded he apologize.

5. a. “Collaboration” and “working together” were other common words used by Sohi, who captured 44 per cent of the vote and a comfortable win on Oct. 18.

6. d. Considering the team’s poor performance in 2021, Envy would have been an accurate descriptor of the club’s feelings toward rivals who made the playoffs. Excuses, Embarrassment and Exclusion also would have worked.


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7. d. The first two answers are fairly obvious, but for anyone who was outside around this time, they also likely noticed a surge in bugs, including a bumper crop of yellowjacket wasps. “They thrive in hot and dry conditions, and their lifecycles all ramp up so they can actually double the size of the colony within that week period,” City of Edmonton pest expert Mike Jenkins said.

8: c. Nickel’s defeat this fall was actually his third unsuccessful run for mayor. The first two were way back in 1998 and 2001.

9. a. Council voted to further explore a number of Reimagine options, including outsourcing management of golf courses and reducing recreation programs. But the proposal to have parking fees at parks met with enough public opposition that council rejected it.

10. b. The nickname played off the name of Mexico’s national stadium, Estadio Azteca.


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