No COVID-19 deaths in Alberta for five days straight, around 30 daily cases for last 3 days


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No new deaths from COVID-19 have been reported in Alberta for the fifth day in a row.

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The province’s death toll has sat at 2,307 since Wednesday when two deaths — from June 27 and July 6 — were announced. One fatality from November 2020 was reported Thursday, but at the same time health authorities found that a different person, previously thought to have died from COVID-19, actually died from another cause, leaving the total unchanged.

Alberta’s new cases recently dropped to levels not seen since mid-June 2020. About 30 new cases of COVID-19 were found for each of the last three days: 30 on Friday, 29 on Saturday, and 31 on Sunday.

Active cases, hospitalizations and ICU stays are still dropping as the number of vaccinations slowly creep up.

By Monday there were 624 active cases provincewide. Of these, 118 are in the Edmonton region and 316 are in and around Calgary. There were 112 people hospitalized for the disease including 34 in ICU.

Since the province’s last update Friday, another 91,226 COVID-19 vaccine doses were given out. This accounts for 74.1 per cent of Albertans 12 and up with one dose and 53.3 per cent with two.

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