Olivia, Noah remained Alberta's top baby names in 2020

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Olivia is the most popular girls’ name in Alberta for the eighth year in a row.

The province’s top baby names of 2020, announced Tuesday by Service Alberta Minister Nate Glubish, include 236 girls named Olivia – the most popular name for children assigned female at birth since 2013. It’s the longest popularity streak for any girls name in the province since 1980.

Noah was the top moniker for baby boys for the second year in a row, with 239 babies.

The current record for either boys or girls names is nine years in the top spot with Ethan, the number one choice from 2001 to 2009.

While mythological, biblical and place names spot the registry, including Leviathan, Artemis, Zeus, Nile and Cairo, some parents may have taken inspiration from popular culture. The name Khaleesi, made famous by the television series Game of Thrones, was registered twice.

Service Alberta said in a news release that some names seem to be inspired by athletes, like Kobe, Muhammad-Ali, and Beckham, musicians like Dre, Zeppelin, and Bowie, and even video games, like Zelda from the Legend of Zelda and Pokémon character Eevee.


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In a year marked by COVID-19, names that signal positivity also appeared on the list of registered names, including Hope, Peace, Faith, Happy and Brave.

The province also noted many names that reflect the province’s diversity and ethnic backgrounds, such as Amara, Amaya, Zahra, Zoya, Baani, Danika, Raya, Thalia, Yuna and Chimamanda; Mateo, Ahmed, Bodhi, Yusuf, Zorawar, Arjun, Gurbaaz, Miguel, Abdul and Idris.

For the first time, Theodore cracked into the top 10 list after placing 19th in popularity the year before, and Levi has also become more common, moving from 27th place up to ninth.

For girls, Isla has become popular enough to be in the top 10, and Lily has surged from being the 24th most favoured name to the tenth.


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Of 49,030 babies born in 2020 – 25,160 boys and 23,870 girls – there was a singular U’nique.

Taking the podium for girls’ names in 2020 were Emma and Charlotte, in second and third place respectively. The other top names for boys were Oliver and Liam.

Alberta’s top baby girl names for 2020, and how many were born

• Olivia – 236

• Emma -184

• Charlotte – 161

• Ava – 159

• Sophia – 151

• Amelia -145

• Isla – 133

• Emily -127

• Lily – 123

• Abigail – 114

Alberta’s top baby boy names for 2020, and how many were born:

• Noah – 239

• Oliver – 229

• Liam – 296

• Benjamin – 182

• William – 178

• Jack – 169

• Lucas – 163

• Theodore – 159

• Levi -153

• Owen – 152



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