Oscar Klefbom to have shoulder surgery, Ken Holland says


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This in from Tony Brar of the Edmonton Oilers: “Ken Holland says Oscar Klefbom is scheduled to have surgery in Cleveland somewhere between March 20 – 25.”

My take

1. It’s hard to know if this is good news or bad news. Klefbom has experienced chronic pain from his shoulder woes and things are so bad that he decided to miss out on the entire 2021 season. How often do players come back after missing a full year in the NHL? It happens, but it’s the exception to the rule. The rule is that if an injury is severe enough to miss a full season, it’s usually severe enough to end that players’s career.

2. Here is hoping that Klebom is an exception to the rule. If he can both comeback and return to the exceptional form that he had in 2016-17, especially during the 2017 playoff run when he was arguably the Oilers best player, that would be huge news for both Klefbom and the Oilers. Right now, though, the hope is that Klefbom can get back to a life without chronic pain in that shoulder. That would be a major blessing.