The Edmonton Oilers hook lanky Swedish winger Jeremias Lindewall in late-round fishing trip

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The Edmonton Oilers have selected Jeremias Lindewall in the 7th Round of the 2020 Draft, 200th over-all.

The Player

Lindewall is an 18 year-old left-shot winger out of Sweden. He stretches up to 6’2 and weighs in at 183 LBS. A fair chunk of that heft has been added in the last year or so, so he’s likely not done growing. His frame continues to fill out which is encouraging. He’s reportedly got some grit to his game as well.

But the kid is primarily known for being willing to go to the net, where he puts both a decent set of hands and his maturing frame to good use. Lindewall protects the puck well in the O-Zone. His boots are said to be average but with decent acceleration from a dead stop.

Stats: Lindewall went 11-17-28 in 39 games during 2019-20 for MODO Hockey J20 in the super elite league. So far this season in the J20 Nationell he is off to a hot start, 4-4-8 in just 4 games so far. So he has a little finish.

The pick continues the Oilers trend of loading up on skill in the back-half of this 2020 Draft.

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