'This is systematic racism in action': Metis Nation of Alberta suing UCP government over refusal to discuss consultation policy


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The Metis Nation of Alberta (MNA) is taking the province to court for refusing to negotiate a consultation policy framework.

For years the MNA has been working with the province on how best to consult with Metis on matters such as provincial resource development. Discussions began in 2014 and a draft policy was agreed upon in 2018 with the former NDP-led government.

However, the MNA claim in an 83-page lawsuit that the United Conservative Party “went silent” following the 2019 election and decided to cancel negotiations months later without warning.

MNA President Audrey Poitras on Monday said the government has ignored their requests to continue working on the policy and is treating the Metis Nation as second-class Indigenous people.

“This is systematic racism in action,” she said. “After half a decade of work, we are in a worse position than we when we started. This government’s action sent a clear message to Indigenous people (that) Alberta won’t negotiate in good faith. If you want your rights respected, you’re better off protesting or blockading or going to court because Alberta doesn’t appear to be able to be trusted.”

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