To make Kevin Lowe Night complete, Oilers need to take care of business against Rangers

It’s not as if there’s a long line-up of players with six  Stanley Cup wins to their credit. Those that do are mostly in the Hall already.

Edmonton Oilers defenceman Kevin Lowe in 1979.
Edmonton Oilers defenceman Kevin Lowe in 1979.

Lowe was no Wayne Gretzky when it came to talent, but made a lasting impression on the NHL Oilers from Day One right through to the present, quickly emerging as a team leader both on and off the ice. Edmonton’s first-ever NHL draft choice in 1979 has been in the league ever since, a remarkable 41 years without a day in the minors. 37 of those years have been with the Oilers, whom he has served in the role of player, assistant captain, captain, assistant coach, head coach, General Manager, President of Hockey Operations, and since 2016, Alternate Governor.

Younger fans may only relate — and not always happily — to Lowe’s time wearing a suit, but his Hall of Fame case is as a player. He played 19 NHL seasons, 1254 regular season games in all. Add in a further 214 in the playoffs, tied with Ray Bourque for 14th all-time. His 6 Stanley Cup wins have been exceeded by just 9 players, each of whom won his last Cup before the Oilers, and Lowe, entered the league in 1979.     

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