Two firefighters taken to hospital after Strathcona County house fire


Two firefighters were taken to hospital for evaluation but have since been sent home

Strathcona County Emergency Services.Strathcona County Emergency Services. Photo by File photo

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Two firefighters were taken to hospital Wednesday morning after battling a house fire in Strathcona County.

Fire crews were called to the property near Range Road 225 and Township Road 520 at 1:59 a.m. Wednesday morning. When initial crews arrived they viewed heavy smoke coming out of various windows in the building.

Devin Capcara, deputy chief of operations for Strathcona County Emergency Services, said all occupants of the house were able to evacuate, and informed crews the fire began in a laundry room in the basement.

“Crews made a couple of attempts to get into the structure, down into the basement and wind their way through to the laundry room,” said Capcara. “As they were going down the stairs they were faced with pretty extreme heat and and very low visibility.”

He said they eventually made it partway down and were able to spray water on an area of high heat but were unable to confirm if they had found the source of the fire. Crews made a second attempt to get into the basement but were once again driven back by the heat and low visibility.

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“The next-in crews took over. We adopted a defensive fire attack at that time, which means we fight the fire from the outside — we don’t put people inside when when it’s that dangerous and that hot,” said Capcara.

The fire was eventually brought under control but Capcara said the home sustained extensive damage.

“A lot of smoke, fire and water damage inside. The building will be a complete loss even though it’s still standing,” said Capcara.

After being monitored and rehabbed, Capcara said the first crew sent in still had high vital signs from facing high heat and physical exertion. Two firefighters were taken to hospital for evaluation but have since been sent home.

“I actually just came from chatting with them and they’re doing well and going home for well rest,” said Capcara.