Tyson Barrie signs with Edmonton Oilers, but what does this mean for the right side?

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This in from TSN’s Ryan Rishaug: :Can confirm Barrie deal is 3×4.5m per source.”

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1. So far this offseason, the Oilers have lost outstanding shut-down d-man Adam Larsson, who wasn’t the greatest of attackers, and now brought back Tyson Barrie, an outstanding puck moving d-man who isn’t the greatest of defenders. On the right side, Edmonton now has Barrie, hot shot puck-moving rookie Evan Bouchard and Ethan Bear, a young and promising veteran. There’s been no end to rumours now that if Barrie signs it means Bear will be moved along, as the team will need at least one cycle-buster on the blueline, and that player certainly isn’t Barrie, it’s not yet going to be Bouchard and Bear himself, as solid as he can play on defence, isn’t a Big Bobby Clobber back there. He’s not as able as Larsson at shutting down the cycle in Edmonton’s end, but Edmonton will need to find that player. That’s the argument at least.

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