Weigh in: How do supporters describe the candidates for mayor?

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Edmonton now has 10 declared candidates for its wide-open mayor’s race all vying to be seen as a frontrunners.

But they’ll need supporters, volunteers and donors to win. With five months to go, that’s who this race is really about now. If they’re not inspired, the candidate can kiss his or her chance of a win goodbye.

That’s why we’re not interviewing candidates just yet. We’re turning to their base.

Are you a decided or semi-decided voter? If you are, help us tell this election story by sharing who you are supporting and why in the form below.

This is not a poll; we’re not counting on it to tell us the frontrunners.

We’ll read and analyze all responses, then report back with a view from the ground up shortly. We’ve already received substantial feedback for several candidates and are letting this run throughout the weekend to make sure we get the chance to hear back on others.

If the Google Form doesn’t load for you below, click here.



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