Your route: Edmonton's new bus routes start today — how are the changes impacting you?

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New bus routes hit the streets in Edmonton Sunday morning as part of the first transit overhaul in more than two decades.

Edmontonians who rely on the transit system will need to adjust their commutes to move around the city. The new bus network has about 100 fewer routes. Those service hours are reinvested in buses and more frequent service on routes connecting different quadrants of Edmonton.

That means some Edmonton residents will benefit from the changes, and others will suffer.

Postmedia would like to know how these changes are impacting transit riders. Will your commute be longer or shorter? Do you need to walk further or transfer more? Are you likely to use transit less, or more?

Fill out this survey to help us better understand how the new design is impacting you, or email journalist Dustin Cook at

Starting Sunday, nine “frequent routes” with single-digit bus numbers will run in central areas of the city at least every 15 minutes during peak periods and six “crosstown routes” with double-digit numbers will connect transit centres in different quadrants of the city, like West Edmonton Mall and Mill Woods.

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